Expert Services


Our in-house CAD team can generate the most efficient and effective space plan for your company. Whether you are changing the job designs of your staff and need a supporting office layout or your new equipment is incompatible with your furniture, we can design the plans to improve your business operation.


WE WILL PAY YOU! Broadway can buy your surplus furniture products including panels, seating, desks and files. You gain a return on investment while avoiding storage costs and risks associated with inventory management.


Save money by increasing the life of your existing furniture. With new finishes and a new layout, your office will look impressive and run more effectively.

Rentals & Leasing

Stretch the power of your money. Through furniture renting or leasing, we can help you meet temporary needs and capital expenditure restrictions.

Trade / Credit Programs

Save even more! Broadway can apply the value of your current furnishings toward future purchases. In this way, we can accommodate your company’s changing needs and ensure your furniture will have resale value.


PAY NO MONEY! Our experienced brokers can help facilitate bartering between you and other companies in the United States to help you eliminate cash expenditures and get the furniture you want.